Pulsar Family of Products

Ultrasonic Pulsar algae control

The Pulsar 3400 and 4400 use ultrasonic technology and optional IoT technology to advance the fight against algae. IoT and telemetry support enables units to transit data from the water to the Cloud, including the unit’s location and operational status.

  •  360° coverage models
  • AC 85 to 240 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz compatible, DC 24 Volts
  • Each power supply can support 2 ultrasonic units
  • Solar panels available

Pulsar 3400 is ideal for clarifiers, tanks and small lagoons and ponds.


Green algae coverage 80 meters radially (262 feet or 10 acres) 

Blue-green algae coverage of 200 meters radially (656 feet or 60 acres)

Pulsar 4400 is ideal for large lagoons, lakes and drinking water reservoirs.


Green algae coverage 150 meters radially (492 feet or 17 acres)

Blue-green algae coverage of 500 meters radially (1640 feet or 123 acres)

Ultrasonic transducer head


A floating, solar powered algae control solution for ponds, lagoons and reservoirs

  • The standard Sentinel AIQ includes the flotation system, a Pulsar 4400 ultrasonic remediation appliance, a solar panel to provide power, and onboard IoT and telemetry. 
  • The Pulsar 4400 is a 360° coverage appliance equipped with more than 4400 frequencies making it well suited to treat large reservoirs and lakes
    • Green algae coverage 150 meters radially (17 acres)
    • Blue-green algae coverage 400 meters radially (120 acres)
  • The Sentinel AIQ+ is an option that adds a water quality monitoring system featuring IoT connected field sensors that can test for:
      • Blue-Green Algae
      • Chlorophyll A
      • Conductivity
      • Dissolved Oxygen
      • ORP
      • pH 
      • Temperature 
      • Turbidity
  • Onboard Telemetry and IoT systems capture and transmit operating status to remote monitoring crews, and when water quality monitoring is enabled, vital sensor data is transferred to the Cloud where it can be retrieved and analyzed on any web device, equipping staff with real-time data and configurable dashboards to help monitor water health.