Quattro DB & Mezzo DB

The Quattro-DB® andMezzo-DB® are state of the art, algae and biofilm management systems employing patented, advanced ultrasonic technology. Working in harmony with the surrounding environment, our systems disable algal growth cycles, resulting in rapid eradication.

  •  360° coverage models
  • AC 85 to 264 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz compatible, DC 24 Volts
  • Each power supply can support 2 ultrasonic units
  • Solar panels available


The Quattro-DB algae-management transducer is particularly effective in biofilm removal, separating and destroying bacterial colonies that adhere to surfaces within bodies of water. Ideal for large ponds, lagoons, secondary clarifiers and large tanks.

  • Coverage up to 120 surface area acres per unit for blue-green algae
  • Coverage up to 17.5 surface acres for green algae
  • Biofilm removal up to 2.8 surface acres


The Mezzo-DB algae management transducer is ideal for smaller bodies of water such as tanks, EQ basin, post UV disinfection and small ponds.

  • Coverage up to 75 meters in each direction
Before & After treatment with Quattro-DB


CHEMICAL-FREE systems are safe for humans and animals. They introduce frequencies into the water environment at power levels far below depth finders, sonar, or other common appliances using ultrasound technology. Frequencies are introduced in a linear pattern across the water, covering up to 120 surface area acres. This ensures algae cannot rise to the surface, restricting access to photosynthesis processes, causing the
organism to expire. The defeated algae, along with any toxins they contain, are consumed by fish and naturally occurring bacteria, transforming them into inert byproducts. Our eco-friendly systems quickly eradicate algae with visible results in as little as 2 weeks and continued operation keep future blooms at bay. The frequencies introduced will also greatly reduce biofilm by mimicking the movement of water, resulting in a noticeable decrease of biofouling agents, such as barnacles and mussels, within the affected area.

  • High efficiency solar controller with intelligent wireless &
    serial communications.
  • High Energy Density, ultra-light weight battery with Energy Status indicator & capacity reporting.
  • Ample energy collection from dual high wattage solar panels and increased battery storage capacity allows the SolaRaft-iQBD™ to properly power the water quality monitoring system and up to two Mezzo-DB® or Quattro-DB® Ultrasonic Algae Control Transducers.
  • The Solaraft-QDB® buoy is also available with/without telemetry or water quality monitoring.
  • Our buoy system is highly configurable for many applications.
  • Wireless and Cellular communications antenna.
  • Coast Guard approved beacon.
  • High energy density, high efficiency, solar panels with
    flip access.
  • Sturdy side panels with hand lift access holes.
  • Lightweight, Hydro-Dynamic Instrumentation Yellow, Impact Resistant Buoy.

Water Quality Monitoring

We offer the largest selection of water quality sensor technologies in the industry. In addition to standard configurations, each probe may be customized for your specific application. Pick sensors of your choice to fully populate larger probes. 

  • Temperature
  • pH Sensors
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorophyl-A
  • Phycocyanin