BioRemove COD LT

BioRemove COD LT contains a blend of psychrophilic (cold-loving) microorganisms that remain active down to 2°C (36°F). The strains have a wide range of organic degradation abilities and are therefore particularly well suited to municipal plants that receive waste streams from industrial facilities.

Temperature drops impact the bacterial metabolism and reproduction of microorganisms. Reaction rates typically decrease by a half for each 10 °C (50 °F) drop. This decrease in reaction rate is often first seen as a decrease in oxygen uptake rate (OUR) activity or as a decline in COD removal. It can take months for the microbial community to adapt to low-temperature conditions, causing plant operating problems.

BioRemove COD LT contains beneficial microorganisms proven to tolerate cold-temperature wastewater applications. By building microbial communities with BioRemove COD LT just prior to seasonal changes, wastewater operators ensure a safe and fast transition for winter operation. Many wastewater facilities find it difficult to lower their F/M ratio in cold temperatures as many microorganisms tend to spend their energy on stress-induced cellular maintenance instead of reproduction. Augmenting with BioRemove COD LT removes this challenge as the microorganisms’ reproduction is not restricted.

Benefits of BioRemove COD LT

  • Improves COD/BOD reduction at low temperatures
  • Improves system stability at low temperatures
  • Reduces permit violations and surcharges