OdorCap 5135

OdorCap 5135 is a unique liquid odor control product for nitrogen-based odors. The selectively adapted bacteria work to degrade malodorous compounds with proprietary ingredients which stimulate microbial activity. OdorCap 5135 is active against an array of nitrogen and sulfur containing compounds classically associated with waste odor problems including amine, ammonia, mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide. OdorCap 5135 can be sprayed full-strength or diluted as required. It may also be applied manually or with automatic fogging systems.

OdorCap is a biological odor control solution for general wastewater applications and sludges. It contains a high concentration of odor-degrading microorganisms for long-term odor prevention plus fragrance for immediate relief. Used regularly, OdorCap provides consistent and long-term odor control.

Benefits of using OdorCap 5135:

  • Reduces spending on odor control
  • Improves control of nitrogen based odor compounds, including ammonia, diethylamine, and triethylamine
  • Reduces odor complaints
  • Works within the existing plant infrastructure