Nutrients N & P

Nutrients N & P is a balanced source of nitrogen and phosphorus in a form that is readily available to bacteria. In nutrient-limited wastewater streams, Nutrients N & P can make the difference between meeting and not meeting a plant’s treatment goals as well as making plant operations easier.

Nutrient deficiencies in wastewater treatment are mostly caused by a lack of nitrogen (N) or phosphorus (P). For optimum efficiency, microorganisms require a BOD:N:P ratio of 100:5:1. If the quantities of nitrogen or phosphorus present are too low, BOD removal will be impacted. Another consequence of nutrient deficiencies is filamentous bulking caused by nuisance organisms that are favored under low-nutrient conditions.


In order for a wastewater system to operate as efficiently as possible, it is important to have both the right microorganisms and the right proportion of nutrients.


Benefits of Nutrients N & P

  • Lower operating cost by reducing surcharges and permit violations.
  • Improves plant efficiency, enabling optimal biological activity. 
  • Reduces filamentous bulking.