MB MN provides a balanced blend of micronutrients specially formulated for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.  Micronutrients are required in relatively low quantities but are critical to a dense, healthy bio-floc.  MB MN is a complex natural mixture that contains a wide variety of needed minerals that act as growth factors and building blocks for protein and cell synthesis thus providing for plant stability.  A deficiency of these compounds can cause dispersed floc, a Filamentous dominance, poor settleability and a loss of organic removal efficiency.

MB MN can be used in both aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Benefits of MB MN

  • Improves overall COD and BOD removal.
  • Allows for very difficult degradation of recalcitrant industrial chemicals.
  • Improves floc formation and settling characteristics.
  • Provides key minerals to methanogenic bacteria to improve complete digestion.
  • Reduces VFA accumulation.
  • Provides minerals needed for anaerobic granulation.