MB 8 BP is our most versatile product for industrial wastewater and is effective to improve effluent quality and plant stability through enhanced COD degradation of highly complex waste streams.

Industrial wastewater presents a unique set of treatment challenges. Waste streams are constantly changing with production with harsh chemicals often making their way into the wastewater which can inhibit biological activity and be difficult to break down. A key variable in the process that determines success or failure of a treatment process is the types of microorganisms in the microbial community and the ability of the microbial community to adapt to changes in the waste stream.

MB 8 BP has a diverse set of microorganisms that target a wide range of organics found in a variety of industries. BioRemove™ COD has the broadest range of biological activity and helps keep plants in compliance and in control.

Benefits of MB 8 BP

  • Improves COD reduction for complex waste streams
  • Improves stability for complex waste streams
  • Reduces surcharges
  • Reduces permit violations
  • Fewer upsets