MB 3 BP beneficial microorganisms selectively adapted for application to food processing wastewaters which contain fats, oils, and grease (FOG). It is effective in a wide variety of food processing applications, including meat, dairy, baking, beverage, rendering, vegetable processing, and others that experience elevated FOG levels in the wastewater system.

This product blend is capable of providing quick start ups or re-starts in plants that have unusually high fat, oil and grease loadings. Petroleum oil, polynuclear aromatics, naphthalene, animal fat and vegetable oils cause poor oxygen transfer in many bioreactors. These high strength oil loadings may result in poor settleability, excessive solids handling, loss of BOD efficiency and nitrification inhibition. MB 3’s formulation incorporates a Bacillus strain that enhances its ability to further degrade the recalcitrant portion of the grease molecule, the long-chain fatty acids.

The partial breakdown of grease causes pH to drop, the improved pH range (4.5-9.5) enables the microbial blend to remain viable under the most austere conditions.

MB 3 BP can be used for multiple applications, including daily dosing in the aeration basin to maintain the health of the microbial community, dosing to minimize FOG buildup in areas such as the headworks, DAF, or primary clarifier, increased dosing during high FOG loadings, and seeding during plant start-ups

Benefits of MB 3 BP

  • Improves FOG degradation
  • Reduces oil and grease related filamentous bulking
  • Maintains healthy biomass
  • Speeds up start-up or reseed time
  • Helps to keep production steady with non-predictable industrial flows