MB 2 BP microorganisms improve effluent quality and plant stability through enhanced degradation of phenols.

Phenol can cause serious problems in the wastewater treatment process. In high enough concentrations, phenols can lead to toxicity and floc disruption. As a result, treatment becomes less efficient, settling worsens, and the plant could be at risk of permit violations. Phenols are degradable, but if the right microorganisms are not present or functional, plant stability and effluent quality could be compromised.

MB 2 BP is an effective biological solution for degrading phenols and improving plant stability. The microorganisms in MB 2 BP were selected for their degradation abilities and their tolerance of high concentrations of phenols.

Applications include wastewater originating from steel coking, tar distillation, pharmaceutical, coal gasification/liquefaction, petroleum refining, and other industries that use phenol for the prevention of organic degradation in fabrics, leathers, carpeting, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other consumables.

Benefits of MB 2 BP

  • Improves BOD/COD Removal
  • Improves phenol degradation
  • Improves plant stability from phenol related upsets
  • Reduces surcharges for phenol
  • Reduces permit violations