MB 15 BP

MB 15 BP is a dry blend that contains patented microorganisms and is specially designed to degrade FOG quickly and completely.  This blend can be used in municipal collection systems, aeration tanks and digesters.

FOG is primarily composed of large water-insoluble triglyceride molecules. These triglycerides are made up of a glycerol and three fatty acids (most commonly palmitic, stearic, and oleic acids). While many naturally occurring microorganisms have the ability to produce extracellular enzymes to cleave the fatty acids from the triglyceride, not many organisms have the ability to further break down these fatty acids. As a result, BOD removal efficiency can decrease, pH can drop with the acid buildup, and some of these fatty acids can become volatized as noxious odors.

MB 15 BP can greatly simplify operations. It helps maintain a healthy microbial community and eliminates FOG-related problems.  The microorganisms in MB 15 BP were carefully selected and patented for their ability to cleave the fatty acids from the triglycerides and degrade them. The strains have been demonstrated to metabolize a range of both long- and short-chain fatty acids.

Benefits of MB 15 BP

  • Reduces wet well and sewer line cleaning frequency
  • Increase tipping fee revenue
  • Improves FOG degradation
  • Reduces FOG related filamentous
  • Reduces fouling of pumps and sensors in wet wets
*Previously BioRemove FOG Boost

MB 15 BP for application in anaerobic or aerobic digesters

Digesters with significant fat, oil, and grease (FOG) buildup metabolize FOG into smaller volatile acids and carbon dioxide. MB 15 BP can help prevent grease buildup and improve digester efficiency.
The buildup of FOG in anaerobic digesters can severely impact the efficiency of solids destruction and methane generation. Due to its insolubility, FOG will often accumulate in the digester, creating a greasy scum layer. This scum layer can eventually harden and prevent adequate mixing and gas transfer. This can result in large clumps of grease and foam returning in the supernatant, and the loss of gas-bound solids.

The addition of MB 15 BP to digesters helps improve digester performance by degrading FOG and its fatty acids, thereby reducing scum and foam and increasing the capacity in the digesters also it simplifies operations by reducing downtime for FOG removal and cleaning.

Benefits of MB 15 BP in digesters:

  • Reduces FOG removal maintenance costs
  • Improves FOG removal
  • Improves efficiency
  • Minimizes odors due to FOG
  • Improves methane gas production