MB 13 BP

MB 13 BP microorganisms improve effluent quality and plant stability through enhanced petroleum hydrocarbons degradation.

Hydrocarbons are often degraded slowly in the wastewater treatment process. At high concentrations, hydrocarbons can cause an increase in oil and grease in the final effluent and lead to filamentous outbreaks. Hydrocarbons can also become entrained in the floc. This can cause settling problems and biomass toxicity and may lead to complications with effluent toxicity. Whether hydrocarbons are degraded completely, partially, or not at all depends on the type and functionality of the microorganisms in the microbial community.

MB 13 BP contains a variety of organisms that rapidly degrade hydrocarbons like alkanes and aromatic compounds. It is the most effective biological product available for improving hydrocarbon degradation in wastewater treatment.

Benefits of MB 13 BP

  • Improves hydrocarbon reduction
  • Reduces hydrocarbon related filamentous outbreaks and settling problems
  • Improves system stability from hydrocarbon related upsets
  • Reduces permit violations for oil and grease
  • Reduces surcharges