Algae control for wastewater clarifiers, lagoons, basins and more!

GreenCleanPRO is a professional strength algaecide that controls and prevents algae growth, without leaving behind residuals that can impact effluent discharge permits.

GreenCleanPRO® Granular Algaecide active ingredient, sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate reacts with natural elements of surface waters, creating hydroxyl free radicals, strong oxidizers that destroy algal cell membranes, chlorophyll, and unsaturated fatty acids. 

Through the power of oxidation, the treated algae die within hours. GreenCleanPRO is an alternative to copper, bromine, chlorine or other less environmentally friendly products. GreenCleanPRO is an integral part of an entire water management system. It can be used by itself, in conjunction with biological products, or in rotation with other algaecides to help maintain clear, algae-free waters.

Before and After
On the left shows algae growth; on the right shows 30 days AFTER being treated with GreenCleanPRO algaecide

GreenCleanPRO can be used ANYWHERE you have algae:

  • Secondary clarifiers
  • Effluent contact tanks
  • Water plants (to treat filamentous and planktonic algae that can cause off flavors)
  • Hard surfaces such as roofs, walls, walkways
  • Pond treatment (lakes, reservoirs, irrigation ponds)
  • Nocardia/M.parvicella in SBR

Benefits to GreenCleanPRO

  • Immediate Algae Control
  • Prevents clogging of weirs, pumps and other treatment equipment
  • Reduces BOD/COD, TSS and Malodors
  • Improves UV and ozone disinfection by eliminating algae from the water column
  • Reduces pH levels caused by algae growth
  • EPA Registered and NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified for Drinking Water Applications
  • Reduced Toxicity – No Discharge Concerns