Filament Control (MB 15 BP)

MB 15 BP is a blend of vegetative and spore-forming strains that are particularly useful in preventing a state of filament predominance caused by high organic acids and septic wastes (e.g. Type 21N; Thiothrix I & II; N. limicola I, II & III et al). High organic acids such as Acetic, Butyric and Propionic Acids often form in sludge thickeners and/or aerobic digesters as well as long retention secondary clarifiers.

Septic waste receiving plants and certain industries such as food processors and pulp and paper mills are particularly susceptible to these types of filaments. The use of MB 15 BP has shown to be a useful adjunct for filamentous bulking by improving floc formation and out-competing the filaments for food and accelerating the degradation of D.O. scavengers (sulfur).

Benefits of MB 15 BP

  • Reduce filamentous bulking
  • Improves floc formation
  • Improves settling