MB 15 BP

MB 15 BP is a dry blend of beneficial microorganisms for optimizing the further degradation of organic solids and supernatant decanting.

Higher growth rates result in increased production of intermediate volatile organic acids for more efficient utilization by gas producing bacterial populations.  Poor mixing, organic overload and oil & grease can cause low supernatant quality.  MB 15 BP is designed to supplement the existing mass to overcome those conditions in digesters.  Sludge degradation, odor control and methane gas production can be improved by using MB 15 BP.  Sludge reduction in aerated and facultative lagoons can be accomplished by using MB 15 BP in a well designed program.

Benefits to MB 15 BP

  • Improves FOG removal
  • Improves digester efficiency
  • Minimizes odors due to FOG
  • Improves methane gas production
  • Improves decanting