Bio Gas Max

Bio Gas Max is a biological formulation combining beneficial microorganisms and fast-acting enzymes. Bio Gas Max can be used in a variety of industries that use anaerobic treatment for high-strength wastewaters. It increases biogas generation and improves efficiency of the anaerobic system.

The microorganisms and enzymes in Bio Gas Max were chosen for their ability to generate biogas and increase anaerobic treatment efficiency. As more COD is degraded in the anaerobic treatment stage, more biogas can be produced and less COD gets sent to the aerobic system.

Anaerobic wastewater systems are designed to treat high-strength waste streams but are very sensitive to fluctuations in loading, changes in wastewater composition, or changes in the operating conditions. Bio Gas Max technology helps to overcome these deficiencies and enhance the system performance.

Benefits of Bio Gas Max

  • Lower sludge handling cost
  • Lowers energy requirements
  • Increases the biogas generated
  • Maintains purity of biogas
  • Improves COD degradation
  • Rapid start-up
  • Increases resistance to shock loads or toxicity


Biogas is generated during a four-step biological process. The first step of the process, hydrolysis, results in the conversion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to sugars, fatty acids, and amino acids. Following hydrolysis, the acidogenesis step results in the production of carbon acids. The third step, acetogenesis, results in acetic acid, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen. The final step, methanogenesis, is where methane is formed by specific microorganisms called methanogens.

Bio Gas Max is most active in the hydrolysis and acidogenesis steps. The microorganisms and enzymes in Bio Gas Max degrade a wide range of organic compounds, including proteins, fats, sugars, and starches. Bio Gas Max contains facultative microorganisms, meaning that they are able to grow in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

Performance will depend on system and plant specifics. The primary performance benefits for Bio Gas Max are generally linked to the amount of biogas generated and the amount of COD degraded. Anaerobic systems produce less sludge than conventional aerobic activated sludge systems and require less energy. Therefore, any additional COD degraded in the anaerobic system reduces overall solids handling costs and reduces the overall energy demand.