Accelerator C

Accelerator C is a highly concentrated and readily available carbon source that is balanced with nitrogen (N), and phosphorus (P) for optimal bacterial growth. Accelerator C has a BOD:N:P ratio of 100:5:1, so no matter how much is used, it is always balanced for healthy development of the microbial community.

During process interruptions or start-ups, many plants will use a supplemental carbon source as food for the microbial community to maintain or stimulate bacterial growth. For these applications, it is important that nutrients are also considered. Even a healthy microbial community will fall short if the right nutrients are not available.

Accelerator C is available in a liquid (55-gallon drum) or a dry (1/2 pound pouches, sold in 25-pound pails).


Benefits of Accelerator C

  • Maintains biomass during production stoppages and periodic shutdowns.
  • Maintains biomass during school closing or low flow events.
  • Shortens start-up time or recovery after high flows.
  • Reduces surcharges and permit violations.
  • Provides balanced food and nutrients to low flow plant