GCPRO Oxidizer

GCPRO Oxidizer is a granular or liquid oxidizer that uses the power of activate peroxide to control hydrogen sulfide molecules. It is an alternative to Potassium Permanganate, which has traditionally been used in wastewater treatment systems to control hydrogen sulfide gas and other malodors. GCPRO Oxidizer is a strong oxidizer that penetrates sludge in wastewater plants destroying hydrogen sulfide molecules and other odor contaminants. GCPRO Oxidizer can be used at several points in a wastewater treatment plant including the collection system wet well.

GCPRO’s active ingredient is Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate, commonly known as Sodium Percarbonate. Sodium Percarbonate is a stabilized peroxygen chemistry that acts as a powerful oxidant without harming the environment. GCPRO Oxidizer is odorless and water-soluble making it an easy to handle solution for your odor issues.

Benefits of using GCPRO Oxidizer:

  • Oxidizes Hydrogen Sulfides, Iron, Manganese & Mercaptans on contact.
  • Biodegrades & releases 13% bioactive oxygen within minutes.
  • Emulsifies grease on contact.
  • Non-Staining, free-flowing granular or liquid.