Nocardia control

A 0.7 MGD domestic activated sludge wastewater treatment plant in eastern Pennsylvania was experiencing Nocardia filaments and foam in their aeration tank.


A Maryland Biochemical representative suggested an augmentation program to reduce the FOG with BioRemove 4200.  The microorganisms work at degrading the excessive fats taking away this as a food source for the Nocardia.  The operator adds 1 pound per day directly to the aeration tanks.

Specifics related to the application:

After just a few days of treatment there was a noticeable decrease in the amount of foam on the surface of the aeration tank and the circular containment ring at the clarifier where the aeration sludge enters the clarifier.  The amount of pinfloc in the clarifier has decreased and greatly improved settling in the aerobic digester, which makes it easier to decant.  The effluent quality has also improved with reduced TSS.  The Maryland Biochemical representative performs monthly microscopic exams and has noted that Nocardia is no longer present.


The operator saw overall plant improvements that warrants using the product year-round for improved treatment.