For reduction of Total Nitrogen (TKN + Nitrite and Nitrate)

MB LC TKN is a unique liquid blend of patented Pseudomonas bacteria, which will remove high strength organic compounds, TKN, Nitrite and Nitrate in waste streams. 

The conventional technique for ammonia removal is called NITRIFICATION, which is the conversion of ammonia to nitrite (Nitrosomonas) then nitrate (Nitrobacter).  The heterotrophic (utilizes organic carbon for food and energy) bacteria in MB LC TKN have a much higher carbon uptake than most indigenous wastewater strains thereby increasing the nutrient requirement.  Since ammonia is available as a nitrogen source, the ammonia consumption is increased.  In addition, the Pseudomonas strains are considered the most active denitrifiers utilizing nitrite and nitrate for respiration quickly when D.O. drops below the critical level.  Lastly, these same strains use nitrite/nitrate for growth purposes if ammonia is no longer available in the system. Hence, if Total Kjeidahl Nitrogen (TKN) and Total Nitrogen (TN) is a permit concern, use MB LC TKN to aid compliance. 

Applicable industries include Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Textile, Steel Coking, Gas and Oil Refining, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Tanneries, Rendering, Dairy Cheese, Vegetable Processing, Snacks, as well as Municipal Wastewater, Landfill leechate applications and general denitrification areas (anoxic tanks).

Benefits of MB LC TKN:

  • Reduces surcharges and permit violations.
  • Reduces Total Nitrogen in effluent.

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