Little John Digester

The Little John Digester is a state-of-the-art blower and agitation system for wet wells and lift stations that injects high velocity mixing through a specially designed air manifold system. It is constructed of heavy-duty noncorrosive material with stationary ridges/blades at the top.

Fats, Oils & Grease are pulled through the digester cylinder at 35 feet per second and immediately broken into micro-fine particulates by the blades. The combination of agitation and aeration leaves a residual DO in the wet well.

**Ozone can also be injected in this cylinder which further facilitates the digestion process of raw sewage before it enters the wastewater plant.

The biological digestion process is greatly enhanced by increasing the dissolved oxygen levels and creating a bio-soluble food source in which the bacteria can quickly and easily consume.

Aeration in wet well with little john digester

Remove FOG with a Little John Digester aeration system

Features & Benefits

· Removes FOG

· FOG will not reform

· Eliminates Matting

· No moving parts

· Removes sludge build up

· Eliminates Hydrogen Sulfide odors

· Stops Corrosion

· Reduces pumping of wet wells

· Heavy Duty Non Corrosive Construction

· No chemical additives necessary

· Extremely Low noise levels

· No Petroleum Lubricants

· Installs in 5 minutes

· No retrofitting required

· Virtually Maintenance Free

· Available in 115V-240V

Wet Well before Little John

Wet Well with Little John Digester

Available in several sizes.

Supplied standard with each Little John:

Little John Digester Body

Multi Voltage 60 Hertz regenerative blower

Soft start prewired, voltage specific motor starter with lock out switch

Industrial grade hose with stainless steel cam lock fittings

Heavy duty lockable aluminum enclosure

Easily accessible air filter assembly

12 month warranty from the date of shipping

Watch a short video to see the Little John Digester in action.

Interested in more information, contact your Maryland Biochemical representative to answer a few questions and find out if it is a good fit.  

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