Lagoon Master

Sludge Activating Aerator

The Lagoon Master is not just another aerator, but it continuously and slowly moves water along the bottom of a lagoon/pond delivering large amounts of dissolved oxygen using minimum energy. It is a two phase system which utilizes two 2 HP (1.5 kW) regenerative blowers.  Phase 1, using one of the blowers is the water moving phase, continuously pushing water along the bottom within 1 to 4 acres (depending on water depth) of a pond or lagoon.  Phase 2 is a second 2HP (1.5 kW) blower that provides DO at a rate that exceeds other surface or diffused air aeration systems designed for shallow water ponds or lagoons.

The use of this proven aeration technology will:

  1. Provide better overall water quality through continual oxidation and the elimination of odors
  2. Eliminate the zero-oxygen dead zone on the lagoon/pond bottom
  3. Provide constantly moving water to assist in organic sludge breakdown
  4. Provide dissolved oxygen at a controlled rate in order to save energy and oxidize waste gases

One 8′ Lagoon Master will move over 9 million gallons of water in a 24 hour period!

How does the Lagoon Master work?

The key, and patented, elements of the Lagoon Master is two regenerative blowers, each connected to a set of bubble-forming diffuser grids.  The Phase 1 blower (1) runs 24 hours per day and feeds the rear-most diffuser grid (2) which allows large 1-2 cm. bubbles to rise quickly into a 45 degree baffle (3), pushing water at a velocity capable of moving over 9 million gallons (34,100 cu meters) of water per day.  These large bubbles stay on the surface for up to 25’ (7.6 meters) in front of the Lagoon Master.  When the Phase 2 blower (4) is initiated, either manually or automatically, it  feeds air to the industrial diffuser grid (5) located forward of the base of the Lagoon Master.  The bubbles emitted from the diffusers are approximately .8 mm in diameter.  These small bubbles are kept underwater for up to 35’ (10.7 meters) due to their inability to rise above the larger, faster and horizontally moving bubbles caused by the primary, coarse bubble diffuser.  The 25’ to 35’ (7.6 to 10.7 meters) of residence time for the small bubbles, at 1 atmosphere of pressure, allows for oxygen diffusion into the water, providing the addition of continuous increases in dissolved oxygen.

Watch a short video of how the Lagoon Master works

Lagoon Master Features

  • Utilizes only 4 HP of energy per 1 to 4 acres of water
  • No propellers or shafts underwater to foul
  • No belts or gearboxes to break or require maintenance
  • Non-corrosive materials

Lagoon Master Benefits

  • Continuously moves the lagoon/pond water along the bottom causing vertical mixing for complete de-stratification, oxidation and odor elimination, algae bloom reduction and natural sludge digestion
  • Delivers more dissolved oxygen to the water per hour
  • Lowers energy costs by up to 80%
  • Little maintenance required
  • Eliminates trapped nitrogen and ammonia gases and improves BOD/COD reduction

For lagoons that freeze here is an ‘Ice option’ that utilizes a third blower and an extra external manifold that will provide a continuous bubble curtain around the Lagoon Master so that it floats normally even when surrounded by ice.

Ready for installation, weighing less than 1100 pounds it is simple to install because it floats in less than 5 feet of water.

The Lagoon Master provides a low profile with very little white water in front of the unit.

If you would like a quote or more information on the Lagoon Master please contact us.