GreenCleanPRO Algaecide

Algaecide and Oxidizer GreenClean Pro helps remove algae and biofilm

A wastewater treatment plant in Pennsylvania was having major algae concerns in their EQ basin. The plant averages 1.5 mgd flow and the EQ basin is 59’ x 65’. Algae had been a nuisance and the current cleaning method was power washing the basins on a regular basis. The first picture was taken 3 weeks after the basin was power washed and you can see it was covered in algae.

Their Maryland Biochemical sales representative recommended using GreenCleanPRo, a non copper based algaecide to oxidize the algae on contact. The operators mixed up a solution of the granular product in water and sprayed it on everything from the water level line down (walls, floor and air piping). They also emptied their UV chamber pressure washed and applied GcPro there. The second picture was taken 4 weeks after they cleaned and sprayed with the GcPro. This will definitely become a part of their regular cleaning!

Gettysburg, PA