Algae control for lakes, ponds, lagoons, and drinking reservoirs

Something in your lagoon may be generating odors, creating problems in decomposition of solids, and causing your facility to be out of compliance.

EarthTec® is the only liquid copper water treatment product registered as an algaecide/bactericide with the EPA in all 50 states and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 as a drinking water additive.

EarthTec®’s active ingredient is a biologically active form of copper ion (Cu++). Unlike other copper sulfate water treatment products available today, the copper in EarthTec® is already fully dissolved, and more importantly, the release of its active ingredient is controlled by biological demand (algae bloom) instead of by the conditions in your wastewater treatment plant. These unique characteristics allow you to achieve long term control of algae and bacteria without overtreatment.

When EarthTec®’s copper penetrates a bacterial cell wall and membrane, it acts on the sites of DNA, proteins and metabolic enzymes disrupting the proliferation of bacteria, including the proteolytic bacteria which are responsible for producing ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases.

EarthTec® self-disperses rapidly and evenly without mixing or agitation.  Regardless of dilution rate, EarthTec®’s active ingredient will always be uniformly distributed.

In a laboratory study conducted at a sewage facility which was out of compliance with EPA standards, treatment of a lagoon with EarthTec® resulted in:

– Reduction of BOD in effluent from levels over 100 to an average of 9.8
– Reduction of Fecal/Coli readings from over 9,000 to 0
– Reduction of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) from an average of 60.9 to an average of 6.2 – Stabilization of pH values due to a reduction in algae bloom
– Significant odor reduction
– Substantial improvement in effluent water clarity
– Complete compliance with EPA standards

Recurring algae blooms can create a real problem in the maintenance of ponds and lagoons.  EarthTec® is a proven and reliable solution.  Contact your Maryland Biochemical representative for dosing information.