Portable UV Disinfection & Sterilization Air Purifier


The air and room purifier is more than an odor control device. This unique little unit carries a big punch when it comes to destroying bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, mildew and much more. This unit destroys 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses. It even destroys the deadly Corona and Sars Viruses along with other influenza strains. UV Ozone is a gas, it penetrates every crack, crevice bend and fold to seek out and destroy bacteria that normal surface cleaning can’t reach.

Simply plug the unit in and it will disinfect a 650 sq. ft. room in 30 to 45 minutes. Good for home, office, lab or any public area to keep employees healthy and safe.

The UV Ozone is also effective in eliminating smoke, chemicals, and harsh odors.


1) Place the unit in an elevated location or close to an air return duct for best results.

2) Simply plug the unit into a 115-volt outlet, turn the unit on and you are on your way to a clean, disinfected and sterilized room.

3) You can tell if the unit is operating by the warm glow of the blue UV Lamp and the soft sound of the fan blowing across the UV lamps.

4) The unit can be operated continuously without any worries of harmful vapors.

5) Many users choose to use a simple wall timer to control the time the unit operates.

6) For travels and hotel stays, simply plug the unit in and turn it on and in 30 to 45 minutes it will be completely disinfected and sterilized.


1) Compact & Portable 6” Wide X 1.2” Deep x 6” Tall

2) Light weight: less than 2 pounds

3) Virtually Silent

4) Economical to operate. Cost is equal to a 45-watt light bulb

5) No filters or plates to clean

6) No assembly required

7) Plugs in to any 115-volt outlet

8) Unit life is 20,000+ run hours

9) Produces 100% pure ozone and NO Nitrogen

10) Comes with a 5 ft. power cord