MB Spikes helped a municipality postpone the need to dredge

A municipality was investigating inexpensive ways to minimize sludge buildup in its wastewater lagoon system. There was no immediate need to dredge, but the municipality was interested in MB Spikes as a preventative treatment with low investment and minimal risk to ongoing treatment. The lagoon system treats 76 m3 (20,000 gal) per day. MB Spikes were added to the settling zone, which is 2.74 m (9 ft) deep and contained approximately 0.61 m (2 ft) of settled sludge. The sludge levels were monitored for seven months. The sludge levels in the treated area dropped by 38% – 20 cm (8 in), a 7% increase in operating volume.

After seven months, the treated area was still 33% lower than the original sludge levels, demonstrating that the immediate bene t of BioSpikes 4000 was retained. The addition of MB Spikes to the municipal lagoon system successfully maintained low levels of sludge, thus postponing the need to dredge.