What is bioaugmentation?

Why use bioaugmentation in wastewater treatment?

When the bacteria are happy, the plant is happy.  If there is an upset or shock to treatment, or the plant is over/under loaded it stresses the current population of bacteria.  By adding microorganisms it increases the population and overall health of the plant to improve performance.

Where do our bacteria come from?

We have identified microorganisms found in the environment from sludge or as soil bacteria.  When we determine which carbon source the strain will best grow on they are isolated in 3,000 gallon fermentation tanks and under ideal growth parameters, the food source and nutrients are increased several times throughout the day. Conditioning of the biomass takes several days. The bacteria is concentrated at the highest rate of metabolism, 109  Colony Forming Units. In waste water treatment plants the normal growth rate is 106 Colony forming units.



The liquid broth is sprayed over bran and dried causing dormancy. Strains are then blended together and packaged with specific capabilities and in the Log Growth Phase. If a plant suffers a hydraulic washout, mechanical failure, organic or weather shock Bacteria can be shipped to them to quickly rebuild their mixed liquor.

When to add bioaugmentation