Augmentation for FOG reduction & improved efficiency in aerobic digester

A 2 MGD domestic wastewater treatment plant in Pennsylvania was experiencing excessive fats, oil and grease in their aeration tanks causing foam and poor BOD reduction.


In February 2017 they began an augmentation program with BioRemove 4200 to degrade the excessive FOG.  For the first week they added 4 pounds of bacteria per day to the aeration tanks; followed by a maintenance dosage of 1 pound per day.

Specifics related to the application:

By the second week they noticed less grease and foam in the plant.  After 6 weeks the foam was gone and a significant reduction in BOD was also noticed.  The biggest savings was noticed in their digester hauling, due to a more efficient aerobic digester with less grease they were able to haul away more solids, less water for a $35,000 savings for the year!  The cost of the bacteria for the 11 month augmentation program was $4,700 for a net savings of $30,300.


The WWTP with a daily maintenance dosage of bacteria was able to control the FOG in the aeration tank, eliminating foam and lowering BOD.  The aerobic digester had a better solids handling yield providing a significant cost savings to the township.