Startup/Hydraulic Washout

When a new WWTP comes on line or when regular treatment is disrupted, the goal is to obtain a healthy sludge and a high quality effluent in the shortest possible time. Bioaugmentation for start-ups and recovery significantly reduce start-up and recovery time while providing healthy and active microorganisms. By applying starter cultures proven to grow rapidly and accelerate the formation of dense flocs, operators can significantly reduce the risk of delayed start-up and the passing of BOD into the receiving streams.

The successful start-up of a wastewater treatment plant requires a concentrated microbial community that flocculates and settles in order to remove level of organics expected. A well-developed microbial community can take weeks or months to become established, causing delays and possible production hold-ups for industrial plants.

Importing sludge can shorten the start-up period, but it involves the hassle of finding a source and trucking it to the plant. Also, imported sludge does not always lead to a shortened start-up period, particularly if the sludge requires an adaptation period or contains nuisance organisms such as filaments.