Offensive odors can cause public complaints and unwanted attention for wastewater plants. Many masking agents are available but most wastewater odors are biological problems and are best solved with biological solutions. Odor control microorganisms in wastewater and solid waste applications provide a powerful combination of fast-acting neutralizers for immediate odor relief. The selectively adapted bacteria work to degrade malodorous compounds with proprietary ingredients which stimulate microbial activity.

We offer liquid and dry solutions for odors from:

  • Nitrogen based compounds such as ammonia, diethylamine and triethylamine.
  • Sulfur based odors such as H₂S, mercaptans and volatile fatty acids.
  • Septicity or general wastewater odors.

A biological odor control solution for general wastewater applications and sludges. It contains a high concentration of odor-degrading microorganisms for long-term odor prevention plus fragrance for immediate relief. Used regularly, OdorCap provides consistent and long-term odor control.