We offer bacterial blends for high strength industrial waste.

MB 2 BP blend for pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, refining and other industries to remove phenols, formaldehyde and alcohols.

MB 3 BP blend for poultry and meat processing, dairy, food processing, baking and snack food industry.

MB 4 BP blend to degrade phenols, emulsifiers and surfactants.

MB 8 BP our broadest spectrum product of dry microorganisms to degrade sulfides, oil & grease, phenol and surfactants in industrial wastewater treatment plants.

MB 13 BP blend to degrade hydrocarbons in refinery, petrochemical or extreme high COD wastewater treatment plants.

MB 38 BP blend of cold-loving microorganisms that remain active down to 2°C (36°F) for use in industrial wastewater treatment plants.

MB LC TKN liquid blend to remove high strength organic compounds, TKN, Nitrite and Nitrate in waste streams. Excellent choice for leachate treatment.


We offer several additional products that can be used at industrial plants for odors, algae, nitrification and more.  

Not sure what product is for you; that’s why we are here, contact us to discuss your application.