The Right Bug for the Job

The heart of all wastewater systems is the microbial community. Low operating temperatures, toxic chemicals, high substrate loadings or variable waste streams may negatively impact bacteria and protozoa in both municipal and industrial biological systems. Applying selectively adapted microbes to a wastewater system can improve the performance of the microbial community. Our products are ISO certified ensuring the cultures are produced under the most stringent quality assurance program.

Augmentation Programs


Augmented bacteria cultures are grown under ideal lab conditions and flash dried during peak growth phase. For optimal biological removal and integration with present biomass these basic requirements should be met:

  • D.O. > 2 mg/L
  • Nutrients: Nitrogen and phosphorus must be present to support biological growth, BOD:N:P ratio of 100:5:1 is recommended.
  • pH of 7.2-7.8 should be maintained. Drastic fluctuations in pH can shock a biomass.
  • Temperature: Biological growth is optimized at a range of 10°C-38°C (45°F-100°F)

Applications & Solutions