Digester in-efficiencies can decrease solids-handling capacity, cause foaming problems, and increase maintenance costs. Digesters are not designed for grease digestion, and the indigenous microbial population may not be effective in degrading grease.

We provide Microorganisms to break down the biosolids through both high enzymatic activity and the support of a broad blend of facultative anaerobes, which are a superior choice for a low D.O. environment. Conditioning the sludge enhances cationic polymer performance via the introduction of negatively charged microorganisms and a more complete organic breakdown of the digester solids.

Anaerobic digestion

Adding a supplemental blend of microbes can improve volatile acid, or methane gas while reducing solids. It can restart a digester in one tenth the required time. Microbes can also degrade excess fats, oil and grease that will allow for improved efficiency while eliminating odors.

Aerobic digestion

Supplemental microbes can shorten required time to decant and eliminate offensive odors.