Is ALGAE costing you time and money?

Maryland Biochemical Company offers several products for your ALGAE concerns

Biodegradable Algaecide, GreenCleanPRO

A non-copper based algaecide that is fast acting to eliminate a broad spectrum of algae on contact. This dry product can be used in any aspect of a wastewater plant to remove algae build up on weirs and/or tank walls to help maintain clear, algae free waters.

Ultrasonic Algae Control Units

Ultrasonic algae control units are available for use in lagoons, ponds, clarifiers, EQ tanks and more as a chemical free, environmentally friendly way to kill existing algae and prevent future blooms. The ultrasonic waves kill various forms of algae, lower ammonia, stabilize pH and DO, while lowering TSS in the effluent without causing harm to aquatic life.

Ultrasonic Pulsar algae control


MB 12 BP/Lake Relief is a non-toxic, biological product designed to solve the problem of excessive nutrient content in contained bodies of water. This product works to break down excessive organic matter and nutrients, improve water clarity and reduce odors.