An Industry Leader in Biological Wastewater Solutions

Providing solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment optimization. Bioaugmentation and knowledge of biological wastewater processes have been and remain our specialty since 1980. Our team of representatives addresses clients concerns with on-site evaluations and full technical support.

Bacteria Cultures

So many blends to choose from–grease bugs, plant startup, shock recovery, digester, denitrification, nitrification. Learn more about what blend is right for your application.

Technical Service

We offer on-site visits to to your plant to answer questions, discuss your particular needs, and offer solutions. Visit our service page to learn more or contact us to schedule a visit.

Odor Control

Let’s be honest, wastewater stinks. Excessive odors can cause more than neighbors to complain, H2S can cause corrosion. We provide chemical and biological solutions for eliminating odors.

Lagoon Efficiency

Achieving complete mixing of lagoon thermoclines can be costly and difficult to maintain. Solar power mixers can reduce BOD, TSS, ammonia, sludge build up and improve pond efficiency.


Presence of excessive algae can affect TSS, pH in lagoons, clarification and UV disinfection. Maryland Biochemical provides a variety of environmentally safe solutions for algae removal.


Foams can occur due to seasonal changes, hydraulic flow, or a shock to your treatment plant. We provide a variety of solutions for biological and surfactant induced foam.


With permits getting more stringent on ammonia limits. Our blend of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter can help keep your plant within permits and worry-free!

Filament Control

Plants can experience problems with settling. The abundance of filamentous bacteria can cause bulking solids. We provide technical service to find a solution.

Tradeshows & Training Workshops

May 6-9 ~ Maryland Rural Water Ocean City, MD

May 6-10 ~ NJWEA, Atlantic City, NJ

May 7-8 ~ KWWOA, Owensboro, KY

May 13-16 ~ NCRWA, Winston-Salem, NC 

June 17-19 ~ Penn Tech PWEA, State College, PA